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Today marks one year since we unveiled the Monarch Tractor, giving us pause and reminding us of the important mission we are on. Reminiscent of the butterfly effect, the last year has been just the first flap of the wing for us as a company, setting in motion what will help transform our food ecosystems to be healthier, cleaner, and more transparent than ever before.

In the last year, farmers have experienced the external pressures of a labor crisis, climate change, and growing demands for transparency across the food ecosystem. As a result, the unique platform offering of the Monarch Tractor has been received with great enthusiasm from farmers, industry partners, and investors alike for offering a solution to some of the most pressing issues farmers face.

By working in unison with nature and harnessing the same energy that grows our crops to also power our farms we can build a renewable, healthier, and brighter farming future around the world.

We're grateful for every one of you who has cheered us on in our many successes this year and are excited about what the next year holds!

The Story Behind the Monarch Logo:

In honor of our first year in the public eye, we wanted to share the story behind the visual representation of our brand—the Monarch logo.

Read about the meaning behind our logo and how it serves as a reminder of our commitment to make sustainable farming economically superior.

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