Feb. 16, 2023 10:22 AM

New technology ensures consistent seed depth and ease of use to boost yield potential.

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AFS Furrow Command helps producers automate downforce setting and maintain consistent seed placement regardless of terrain.

Case IH is proud to build on the legacy of AFS Soil Command™ and AFS Harvest Command™ with AFS Furrow Command™ downforce automation — designed to maximize producers’ yield potential. Available to order for spring 2023, the Precision Disk™ series air drill with AFS Furrow Command will help producers get the most out of every seed. AFS Furrow Command adds to the accuracy of our patented parallel-link row-unit by helping automate downforce setting and maintain consistent seed depth regardless of terrain.

New advanced technologies

AFS Furrow Command downforce automation is designed to take the down-pressure setting of the Precision Disk Air drill to the next level. This function automates downforce settings of air-drill row units, ensuring consistent seed placement depth in changing field conditions by varying the hydraulic pressure to maintain contact between the gauge wheel and the ground. Operators receive instant feedback from AFS Furrow Command, which simplifies adjustment of down pressure settings, right from the tractor seat.

“When it comes to seeding, growers need to make every moment in the field count,” said Trent Nowosad, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment. “AFS Furrow Command will help operators set the correct row unit down pressure, so they are at the right depth in the field at the right time. In-cab feedback, such as percent ground contact, downforce monitoring and mapping make AFS Furrow Command easy to set.”

Simple, productive and versatile in all conditions

AFS Furrow Command downforce automation technology offers a clear advantage over current down pressure systems by simplifying operation. The operator does not have to change settings for different conditions to achieve seed depth consistency. AFS Furrow Command adjusts the hydraulic pressure for each frame section independently for improved depth control. Feedback from the system also allows operators to minimize the force required to maintain gauge wheel contact with the ground for reduced component wear.

“AFS Furrow Command helps producers get the most potential out of every seed they put in the ground,” said Nowosad. “It ensures every seed is placed accurately no matter the conditions, be it hard ground or heavy residue. Downforce automation also makes achieving this accuracy much easier and helps reduce long-term wear on the ground engaging components, while ensuring the gauge wheel down pressure is always right.”

Precision Disk air drills with AFS Furrow Command optimize seed accuracy and placement. And its durable and easy to use. For growers, the result is more productivity and efficiency with maximum return on investment.

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