Over the past few years, Staheli West has dedicated themselves to developing a new cutting-edge DewPoint model for the large square bale market. The DewPoint 632 has new features designed for longer run times, greater efficiency, easier service and maintenance, and it is easier to operate with its new interface and operating system. The DewPoint 632 with its advanced features and new technology marks a new era of efficiency, control, and quality for farmers and hay producers. Take your farm to the next level with the DewPoint 632.

A Powerful Approach to Hay Processing: Powered by the tractor's electrical and hydraulic system, the DewPoint 632 utilizes a diesel oil burner and boiler system, resulting in the production of high-quality steam. This steam is then channeled through hoses into custom manifolds mounted on the baler where it is injected into the dry crop material during baling.

New Innovative Features:

  1. Enhanced User-Interface: The DewPoint 632 boasts a new in-cab display that offers enhanced visibility. Featuring a new design, the interface includes a convenient steam on/off button, a large twist knob for effortless steam adjustment, and steam ratio preset options tailored for different baling conditions. Operating the DewPoint 632 is now simpler and more intuitive than ever.

  2. Cutting-Edge Operating System: The DewPoint 632 incorporates an entirely new operating system that streamlines functionality. Eliminating the need for generators and high-voltage components, the system now relies on the tractor hydraulic system to power the burner fan motor and feedwater pump and the 12v electrical system of the tractor to power the machine’s sensors and electrical components.

  3. Extended Run Times: With an expanded water capacity of 200 gallons, the DewPoint 632 offers approximately 20% longer run times compared to previous models. This extended operation time reduces downtime and increases baling efficiency.

  4. Enhanced Efficiency and Consistency: The DewPoint 632 features a state-of-the-art boiler design that optimizes heat exchange, enhancing overall efficiency and heat transfer. The system also includes a self-tuning burner for intelligent air-fuel ratio regulation, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and cleaner burns. The DewPoint 632 guarantees consistent steam pressure for superior results.

  5. Streamlined Maintenance Design: The DewPoint 632 introduces an innovative design that simplifies maintenance and servicing. Toolless access to regular maintenance components reduces downtime, resulting in increased operational hours and reduced maintenance costs.

  6. Elevated Chassis for Improved Clearance: With a higher chassis, the DewPoint 632 offers improved crop clearance, particularly beneficial when baling heavy windrows.

The DewPoint 632 enables you to take your hay farm to the next level, and gives you more control over hay quality than ever before. Time to turn up the steam!

For more information about the DewPoint 632 and its revolutionary features, please visit StaheliWest.com.

About Staheli West: Staheli West, Inc. was founded by Dave Staheli while managing Brent Hunter Farms in Cedar City, Utah. Dave's pursuit of superior hay production, coupled with a prayer and a taco restaurant, served as the catalyst for one of the most revolutionary concepts in haymaking. Staheli West’s mission is to deliver revolutionary solutions that change both the agricultural industry and individual lives. Grounded in a legacy of inventive thinking and resourceful problem-solving, Staheli West maintains an unwavering commitment to empowering farmers and shaping the future trajectory of agriculture.