September 19, 2023

• The USDA’s Crop Production report estimates corn production will be 15.1 billion bushels, which is up 1% from the August report and is 10% greater than last year’s total production. Acres of corn harvested for grain are also estimated to be 10% greater than 2022. In the same report, soybean production was pegged 3% less than 2022 at 4.15 billion bushels.

Buckeye poisoning can affect grazing livestock this fall, in addition to prussic acid poisoning.

• Learn how to effectively manage riparian areas in grazing systems.

Corn silage yields are suffering from record heat in Florida.

Follow these procedures when taking fall soil samples.

September 12, 2023

• Alfalfa hay exports to all countries 171,756 metric tons (MT) in July, according to the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. This monthly total is down 13% from June and down 35% from July 2022.

• Saudi Arabia imported 66,449 MT of U.S. alfalfa hay, surpassing China to secure the top spot for export sales in July. China imported 44,211 MT of alfalfa hay, and Japan imported 26,891 MT.

• All hay exports, including hay other than alfalfa, totaled 249,572 MT in July, which is 19% lower than July 2022.

• Now is the time to control weeds in pastures and hayfields.

• These are the consequences of cutting alfalfa during the critical fall period.

September 5, 2023

• Here are some tips for fall alfalfa establishment.

The University of Nebraska offers advice for dealing with grasshoppers, pasture weeds, and wet hay.

• Know the risks of silo gases before storing forage this season.

• There are advantages to soil testing in the fall rather than the spring.

• The 2023 Kentucky Beginning Grazing School will be September 27 and 28. Registration ends September 22. Click here for more information.