Oct. 25, 2023 10:56 AM

In its first year, Envu developed novel solutions in response to nature’s greatest challenges and added new talent and infrastructure to strengthen its vision and legacy for the future

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Envu, an environmental science company providing forward-thinking innovations that protect and enhance the health of environments around the world, is celebrating its one-year anniversary today. In the past 12 months, the company has introduced novel solutions, opened a global innovation center, and hired top talent with one thing in common: They help Envu deliver on its commitment to advance healthy environments for everyone, everywhere.

“While any new company faces some challenges, our first year was also filled with many successes thanks to our customers, our industry partners and our passionate employees,” says Gilles Galliou, Envu CEO. “We’ve launched innovations around the world, signed deals to develop and distribute new solutions, and opened new facilities and technology labs — all made possible by the strength and the commitment of our team.”

A Year of Product Innovation

Since the company’s inception in October 2022*, the Envu research and development team has brought forth a wide range of solutions to help its customers around the world better manage the pests, weeds and agronomic issues that threaten public health and environments alike.

  1. For pest professionals in the United Kingdom: Harmonix® Rodent Paste not only gives professional rodent managers a powerful solution that allows them to use 50% less bait but it also provides them with a more responsible, non-bioaccumulative choice in sustainable packaging.

  2. For golf course superintendents in the U.S.: Root health is a key priority for golf course superintendents, so Envu developed its ResiliaTM root health solution to help them proactively safeguard roots from dangerous underground threats and destructive soilborne pathogens.

  3. For public health and pest management professionals in the U.S. and France: The TruDetxTM Bed Bug Rapid Test is a revolutionary new bed bug detection device that helps pest management professionals identify even low-level bed bug infestations quickly, on-site and with more than 90% accuracy.*

  4. For forestry managers and restoration farmers in Brazil: Esplanade® NA preemergence herbicide is now also used for effective weed control in forest restoration areas, protecting trees and other native vegetation from invasive weeds that rob the soil of vital nutrients. Through the restoration of native forests with Esplanade NA herbicide, native vegetation can return and thrive, improving the native biodiversity of forests.

  5. For range and pasture managers in Australia and New Zealand: Method®240SL herbicide for effective control of broadleaf, woody and brush weeds also launched this year. This new tool enables rangeland and grazing land restoration through its effective control of two of the most problematic tree weed species in inland Australia, mesquite and prickly acacia as well as radiata pine, which is widespread in New Zealand.

A Year of Growth

Envu serves more segments than any other business in the environmental science space, and the company is increasing its global footprint. In addition to opening a new office in Lyon, France, Envu opened a 20,000-square-foot formulation development lab in Morrisville, North Carolina, U.S. Featuring the latest formulation equipment, the facility is dedicated to research and development to help Envu continue to bring forth new innovations to meet customers’ needs around the world.

“While we’re celebrating our first anniversary, we’re simultaneously setting the stage for the next five to 10 years,” says Galliou. “We’re thinking big: restoring rangelands in North America and forests in Brazil; managing invasive grasses conducive to wildfires in the U.S., South America and Australia; and countering the effects of climate change on global biodiversity. These are daunting tasks to take on, but with the collaboration of our industry partners and our collective energy and passion, we all have a tremendously bright future.”

Envu has recently made several key hires to help drive this mission forward. It added senior leaders in diverse disciplines and geographies, including Dell Joshi, chief information officer, who joined the company in January; Troy Randolph, chief financial officer, who joined in September; and Ronan Stephens, head of product supply, who started with Envu today. The company also recently promoted Marine Sanouiller to head of ESG. Joshi and Randolph are based out of the Envu headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, while Stephens and Sanouiller are based out of Lyon, France. All are supported by a team that spans the globe.

A Healthy, Sustainable Future

Envu has more innovations in the pipeline for its second year of operations and many years to come. The company is also in the midst of implementing strategic organizational shifts that will enable it to be even more agile in developing innovations that meet the biggest challenges its customers face around the world while delivering them in a transparent way that addresses the unique needs of each market.

“We have learned so much this past year in operating as an independent company,” says Galliou. “We are committed to being a trusted partner, a focused leader and an environmental visionary for our customers. As we’re finding our stride, we’re sharpening our skills and our approach to enable us to fully leverage all that our independence affords us to become the best possible partner for our customers. I’m excited for what’s ahead, both for Envu and our customers.”

About Envu

Envu was founded in 2022, a new company built on years of experience, for the sole purpose of advancing healthy environments for everyone, everywhere. Envu offers dedicated services in: Professional Pest Management, Forestry, Ornamentals, Golf, Industrial Vegetation Management, Lawn & Landscape, Mosquito Management, and Range & Pasture. Across each of its lines of business, Envu collaborates with customers to design innovative solutions that meet their requirements today and well into the future. Envu’s portfolio consists of over 180 trusted and well-known brands. The company employs nearly 900 people and operates in more than 100 countries with four global innovation hubs. For additional information, visit the Envu website.

*While Envu was launched across much of the world in October of 2022, its launch in several key countries, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, and Vietnam, took place in 2023 or will take place in 2024.