Aug. 30, 2016 10:01 AM

Agronomics and farm planning are the basis for new pricing approach

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Mycogen Seeds is changing how it prices seed. Starting in the 2016-17 season, Mycogen Seeds will price seed based on the value it delivers. Value has many components: relative yield, traits, competitive prices, commodity prices and specific needs by geography.

“As growers increasingly look for efficiencies, we are dedicated to delivering value and helping customers capture profit,” says Damon Palmer, general manager of Mycogen Seeds. “Ultimately, it comes down to enabling our customers to meet their operational goals.”

To develop the new value-based approach, Mycogen Seeds worked with third-party and university experts to review millions of data points across multiple years, distilling it down to a granular level. The team reviewed field trials and yield results hybrid by hybrid, zone by zone, to determine the relative value between Mycogen® brand hybrids and the price of competitors.

“Hybrids often perform well in one zone but not in another due to different soils, weather and pest pressures,” Palmer adds. “Now, with our data-driven, value-based pricing approach, growers pay for the relative value they can expect from that specific seed, taking into account the unique variability of their area.”

Right seed — for the acre and grower
Mycogen Seeds agronomists, sales representatives and dealers work closely with Mycogen Seeds customers to build planting plans based on management zones and operational goals on their farms. The new pricing approach aligns to the philosophy of making seed purchase decisions for the best return and input efficiency.

“We work with our growers to help them push inputs, including seed and nutrients on top-end acres, and be more efficient with resources on mid- to low-end acres,” says Brook Mitchell, commercial agronomist for Mycogen Seeds. “Now, our seed prices align with the value our growers can expect so they can choose seed with their profit goals in mind. Some growers like to spend more to make more; we help our growers invest in the right places to drive higher margins. Essentially, invest where they get the best value.”

Palmer agrees. “We’re committed to helping our customers do better acre after acre — that means finding the best seed for each acre and providing solutions that meet growers’ operational goals. While every grower is looking to maximize yield it’s just as important to maximize profits.”

Mycogen Seeds is dedicated to helping each grower reach those profit goals. Growers are increasingly looking for ways to manage and be more efficient down to the individual acre in order to optimize ROI. The new price approach allows growers to choose their seed based on what works best for their farm and goals — what is of most value to them.

“Now, when we sit down with our growers, we can have a conversation about his business goals and what seed options work for his acres as well as his profit potential,” Mitchell adds. “It’s like when you go to buy a truck — if you just want something to get around, you might go with the standard package, but you like the option to add extra features. Growers now can make their purchase according to the value they put on those extras.”

To learn more, talk to your Mycogen Seeds dealer, sales representative or commercial agronomist. Visit to see plot results and head-to-head comparisons of Mycogen brand hybrids, and see new products available for 2016-17.

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