After weeks of very slow trading in Nevada, last week there were confirmed sales of 26,000 tons.

What happened?

Some dairies in Central California were looking for fair quality dry cow alfalfa hay and there were available supplies in Nevada. Even some better quality alfalfa hay sold, but there are still growers in Nevada that have turned down bids on alfalfa hay because they felt the bids were too low. There are growers in other areas of the West that have turned down bids, but others have sold hay if they were able to get money up front to help pay bills.

In other areas like Washington, demand for alfalfa hay was moderate to light last week with Chinese tariffs and low milk prices continuing to impact demand for hay. Trading activity was moderate in Idaho where a few dairies and export buyers were buying last week. In Central California, many growers continue to hold onto hay while a few are selling. The bottom line is that demand is below normal and hay buyers and sellers in the West are hoping for some positive news that would stimulate demand for alfalfa hay.

Seth Hoyt

Author of The Hoyt Report, providing hay market analysis and insight.