Nov. 1, 2022 08:00 AM

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Inoculants for forages target nitrogen fixation, a key process that is crucial for crop health and yield. Many forage producers already plant alfalfa and sweet clover seed treated with a nitrogen fixation inoculant like Nitragin® Gold. It’s the foundation of the Novozymes® BioAg forage portfolio and considered the gold standard within the industry because it promotes plant health from the start. Starting your crop off with the right inputs drives success throughout the season.

When looking for opportunities to increase your farm’s yield potential, finding additional solutions to integrate with your current fertilizers and chemicals is vital. Compatible biological solutions deliver yield increases across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Those who want to take extra steps toward securing an even stronger foundation can try adding biologicals with LCO Promoter Technology® (lipo-chitooligosaccharides). Plants need a way to communicate with the surrounding environment, and that’s where LCOs come in.

These powerful signaling molecules act as a communication pathway or language between plants and beneficial microorganisms in their environment. Including this technology results in early-season activity and associations, leading to better plant performance.

Ratchet® is a foliar-applied LCO Promoter Technology that activates receptor sites that results in increases in photosynthesis and sugar production. This improvement in energy capture drives improvements in overall performance for crops.

  • Enhanced plant growth thanks to increased photosynthetic capacity.
  • Improved plant health enabling plants to better handle environmental pressure.
  • Consistent yield increases due to increased root volume and water uptake.

LCO Promoter Technology is a proven tool to help growers harness the potential of their crop, access more plant nutrition and drive performance. When making your selection of inputs for the upcoming season, think bio-logical to give your crop an advantage over the environmental stressors ahead.

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