Chateau® Herbicide is an alfalfa grower’s new advantage in the fight against a broad spectrum of tough weeds.

Growers who apply a residual herbicide such as Chateau in the fall can stop weeds with long-lasting preemergence action with benefits through the first cutting in spring. By working smarter, growers can rely on Chateau as a tool to improve the quality of their crop and increase their profits.

Best Practices Yield Better Results:

  • Early investments in excellent residual control pay off at harvest.

Pairing Chateau with a burndown partner in the fall stops weeds above and below the soil surface, giving growers a cleaner crop in the spring. By keeping weeds out of the first cutting, Chateau brings more profit to the bottom line.

“Weed control plays a part in the difference between making a profit and losing. Historically, weed-free hay increases the value $30–$40 a ton. By using a broad spectrum preemerge on alfalfa that yields an average of eight tons to the acre, a grower will gain $250–$300 an acre in market price by maintaining high-quality weed-free hay.”
—Mick Canevari, University of California farm advisor emeritus

  • Tackle tough weeds early with long-lasting, broad spectrum weed control.

Experts say the key to beating tough weeds with Chateau lies in application timing. New trials show that using fall applications of Chateau (paired with a burndown partner) results in maximum weed control.

“Controlling weeds effectively starts at planting and requires vigilance through the life of the stand. Preemergence is an excellent approach to weed control in alfalfa. Early applications, before weeds emerge or with a burndown partner when weeds are small, are much more effective than waiting till there is a disaster out in the field.”

“Growers who are having trouble controlling prickly lettuce and groundsel with conventional treatments should consider incorporating Chateau into their program.”
—Rick Boydston, USDA-ARS weed scientist

  • Don’t give resistance a fighting chance—rotate your modes of action.

In a crop that has seen little advancement in herbicide chemistries, Chateau offers a new mode of action—strengthening a grower’s resistance management program and offering an effective alternative to routine weed control.

Chateau is the new kid on the block, with research showing it as an excellent preemergence herbicide. It adds to the spectrum of weeds controlled, but more importantly, it plays into our resistance management plans, especially when dealing with hairy fleabane, because it is a new mode of action that allows us to conserve our other chemistries.”

  • Be ready for changing markets with unmatched rotational flexibility.

When it is time for a planned crop rotation, or when market prices and weather patterns fluctuate unexpectedly, growers want flexibility. Chateau offers the shortest plant-back time window on the market, giving growers the greatest rotational flexibility available.

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