Energy Grains Biomass, LLC, a Kearney, NE-based supplier of corn stover and other cellulosic feedstocks used to make biofuels, has signed a multi-year agreement to supply biomass to NextStep Biofuels, Inc., a Gretna, NE, cellulosic ethanol development company.

“When you invest hundreds of millions of dollars into building a state-of-the-art cellulosic ethanol plant, it’s vitally important to know where you’re going to secure the feedstocks needed to keep it running,” says NextStep Biofuels COO Russ Zeeck. “NextStep’s partnership with Energy Grains Biomass gives us great comfort that our feedstock needs will be met for years to come.”

“Our mission is to supply the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry with reliable, price-stable access to cellulosic feedstocks,” explains Energy Grains Biomass President Paul Kenney. “A sophisticated cellulosic supply chain, fully supported by the American farmer, is essential for cellulosic ethanol to realize its vast potential.”

The company’s early focus has been on securing supplies of corn stover, but the company says it is now also working with farmers to supply soybean stubble, wheat straw, milo stubble, forage sorghum and other promising forms of ag residue.

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