The August issue of Hay & Forage Grower is a mixture of good news and devastating reality. Two sets of commercial hay growers talk about why they’re adding alfalfa acres in a two-part story called “Gung-Ho On Hay.” They are: “Former Dairyman Bets On Alfalfa’s Future” and “Idaho Family Adds 800-Plus Alfalfa Acres.”

Western market analyst Seth Hoyt reports that more dairies there are turning to alfalfa as corn prices climb. Our August story, “Alfalfa Makes Comeback On Western Dairies,” gives the findings of The Hoyt Report author.

Two new harvesting tools are also introduced in the magazine. One is a 37’5” mower inspired by a hay grower who envisioned more uniform drying and can be found at “Precision Mower Makes Consistent Swaths.” The other is an Agco creation, a combine-baler combo that harvests grain and bales crop residue for biomass applications – and possibly also as livestock feed. The story is “Combine-Baler: Same-Pass Biomass Baling.”

A report on what hay growers and livestock producers are dealing with in moisture-deficient states can be found in “Drought Dampens Forage Prospects.” The article, “When Drought Takes The Court,” gives an Extension forage specialist’s advice on how to keep up on pastures during drought.

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