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  • Placing round bales in a bale feeder to provide a comfortable feeding height for cows will help beef producers reduce feed losses, according to Amy Radunz and Bill Halfman, University of Wisconsin Extension. “Cows prefer to eat with their ears lower than the top of their shoulders similar to how they eat when grazing. Cows that reach over the top of the feeder to get hay also tend to waste more.” Radunz and Halfman offer additional tips in a recent UW press release. Two recent Hay & Forage Grower Extension Expertise columns also offer some advice: The Right Bale Feeder Conserves Hay, Cuts Costs and Getting The Most Out Of Your Hay.
  • The booklet, 2012 Minnesota Varietal Trials Results, providing information from crop variety testing by University of Minnesota scientists, is now available online. For forages, birdsfoot trefoil and alfalfa data are included.
  • Planning to increase hay acres in 2012? Or are you thinking you’ll decrease acres or leave acreage amounts about the same? Hay & Forage Grower would like to know what your plans are. Participate in the online poll on the magazine’s Web site.