A wealth of new forage-handling and processing equipment is ready for grower inspection and use this spring. Eighteen hay and forage machinery companies offer the following 28 introductions. For more information, circle the appropriate numbers on the card found on page 37. Or log on to freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Forage Harvester Upgrades

The John Deere 7050 Series self-propelled forage harvesters bring increased capacity, faster transport speeds and enhanced operator comfort. Models include the 7250 at 355 rated hp, the 7350 at 449 hp, the 7450 at 521 hp, the 7550 and 7750 both at 582 hp and model 7850 at 645 hp.

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Redesigned Forage Harvesters

The newly redesigned New Holland FR9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters provide higher horsepower, larger cutterheads and advanced features. The five models are built to work faster and smoother, with more operator convenience, in all crop conditions. The 824-hp model is powered by a 20-liter, V8 Iveco engine.

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High-Capacity Silage Bagger

Miller Ag-Bag introduces a high-capacity silage bagger that fills 14' bags up to 500' in length. One bag stores nearly 1,500 tons of silage or other feed. The bagger has a longer tunnel and extension, an 11'-wide rotor and improved crop flow. One joystick controls the unit for bagging and driving. Design features include a new electronically controlled braking system for bagging, a foot-controlled brake for transport and a 10' transport width. It has a 580-hp Cat C15 Tier III engine.

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Rotary-Cut Round Balers

New Holland's BR7070 CropCutter model produces 4 × 6' roto-cut round bales. Its CropCutter rotary feeding and cutting system cuts crop as it is fed into the baler. Unique to the BR7070, it is equipped with up to 15 knives. Any combination of knives may be used to achieve the desired length of cut in various crops.

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Self-Propelled Square Balers

Now owned by Allied Systems, the self-propelled Freeman baler line is back on the market. The balers have spacious new cabs and fuel-efficient 115-hp John Deere engines, designed for the West Coast export market with a demand for three-tie, 16 × 22" bales. Models 280, 285, 380 and 385 pull-types are also available as self-propelled units.

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Extra-Wide-Pickup Round Baler

The Claas Variant 380 round baler has an extra-wide pickup capacity of 83" and flexible bale formation control. Bale diameters vary from 36" to 68" with a width of 48". Four endless belts provide 92% bale coverage to support bale formation and crop retention in the bale chamber.

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Baler Improvements

Several design changes to the Case IH RB 4 Series round balers include stronger pickup tines, modified bale forming rolls and a simplified mesh-wrap system to make the balers stronger and more durable, according to the company. Five models will be available this year: RB444 (producing 4 × 4' bales), RB454 (4 × 5' bales), RB464 (4 × 6' bales), RB554 (5 × 5' bales) and RB564 (5 × 6' bales).

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Round Balers

Massey Ferguson's Hesston Series models 1746 and 1756 round balers can be used with small utility or large compact tractors. Model 1746 takes a 55-hp tractor to produce a 4 × 6' bale at 1,500 lbs. Model 1756 needs a 72-hp tractor to produce a 5 × 6' bale at 2,100 lbs. Standard features: Auto-Tie with automatic, semi-automatic and manual tie modes; bale tension and density control.

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Round Baler Line

Five new balers were added to the Claas of America Rollant round baler line. The Rollant 260, 340, 350RC (Roto Cut), 355RC and the 355RC Uniwrap balers allow for volume and tying delay adjustments with a new standard control terminal and automatic tying with net or twine. Pickup widths are 71-83". The series is available with 4 × 4' and 4 × 5' fixed chambers.

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The Super Merger, from PhiBer Manufacturing Inc., merges wet hay for chopping or inverts dry hay for baling and can combine two to five windrows into one. Either an 8' or 10' pickup is available and its sliding rear drapers provide perfect row placement. Self-contained hydraulics are optional.

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Single Merger

The PhiBer Manufacturing Super Single Merger can be used in wet or dry hay, combining up to three windrows. As with the Super Merger, 8' and 10' pickups and a sliding rear draper are available. A foldout draper extension and a cab-controlled hydraulic rear draper slide are optional.

Circle 112, call 866-264-8030 or visit www.phiber.ca or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Wide Pickup Merger

Kuhn North America introduces the Kuhn 300 Series Merge Maxx merger, featuring a 9'10" pickup working width and a cross conveyor that can be easily shifted for ideal windrow placement. The merger handles hay gently, reduces leaf loss, minimizes dirt and stones and provides a fluffy windrow.

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Hay Mergers

Frontier Equipment introduces the high-capacity HM Series hay mergers. Growers can choose from the 9' standard pull-behind 1109 model or the 9' model 1209 or 12' model 1212 Hydro-Swing, side-pull units. The mergers have durable frames and can merge to the left or right. Head height adjusts for various crop conditions.

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Bale Handling System

Tudor Ag's HayWrap bale handling system mounts on the tractor's three-point hitch and uses its hydraulics to rotate the bale. The start, stop, speed control, position of the plastic roll and plastic tension adjustment are controlled by the person wrapping. The tractor picking up the bale can run the HayWrap machine. The unit can wrap baleage and dry hay and be used to unroll hay for line/strip-feeding bales to livestock.

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Rotary Tedder

The Vermeer TE250 rotary tedder speeds drydown and minimizes leaf loss. Its exclusive hook-shaped double-tine design produces a clean, inverted “bottoms-up” tedding action that also reduces tine breakage. The tedder has a working width of 25', with flex points positioned along the driveline for better handling and performance on challenging terrain. Parallel arm suspension and double-frame construction also help stabilize the tedding action. Its trailed framework design and large tires provide fast transport.

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Trailed Tedder

The Krone KW 782 T trailed tedder boasts of a unique link arm attachment system, requiring only a 35-hp tractor. It has a wide working width of 25½' and throws crop to either side. The tedder converts from transport to work position with only one single-acting hydraulic spool that utilizes an integrated automatic sequencing system.

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Rotary Disc Mower

The MacDon R80 rotary disc mower features an Articulated Power Turn (APT) hitch that delivers optimum maneuverability, allowing an operator to open up a field in as little as two passes. Its high-capacity, high-efficiency bent axis pump and motor allow for faster cutting speeds and its N-bar conditioner rolls offer aggressive feeding.

The unit is available as a 13'-wide pull-type or as a header for MacDon's M Series self-propelled windrowers in 13' and 16' cutting widths.

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Auger Headers

MacDon's A Series auger headers deliver 15-25% more capacity than its previous headers and increase productivity and ground speed with reduced maintenance. The line features exclusive N-bar conditioner rolls for wide-range conditioning and is available in pull-type (14' and 16') and self-propelled (14', 16' and 18') header models.

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Mower Protection

Krone's SafeCut cutterbar on its self-propelled Big M II mower conditioner boasts a new impact damage protection system. It centers on a roll pin that connects each disc to the driveshaft and shears off upon impact with a foreign object. The sprocket keeps revolving and the free-wheeling disc jacks up on a thread and out of the operating area of other discs, eliminating the risk of damage to neighboring discs.

Also, all of the company's EasyCut mowers now have quick-change blade systems.

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Wheel Rake Addition

Kuhn North America's latest addition to its SpeedRake line is the SR 600 series wheel rake, available in 12-, 14- and 16-wheel configurations. Its innovative front-folding design, with automatic transport lock, makes moving from field to field fast and convenient. The strong, high-clearance frame ensures superior raking performance and long service life.

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Splitter For TwinRakes

A Powered Splitter option for Vermeer TwinRakes promotes cleaner pickup, fast uniform drydown and fluffy windrows. It's available on all R2800 and R2300 TwinRakes. The unit consists of a set of matching hydraulically powered rotors located near the hitch and centered between the TwinRake basket assemblies. Rotors have a 4.5' working width, float up to 6" and can easily be locked up and stored in off position. Rubber-mounted teeth on the rotors gently sweep and lift hay out of stubble and off to each side so all hay is raked and mixed together.

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Durable Windrowers

Case IH WD 3 Series windrowers handle heavy crops, wet conditions and hilly terrain. WD1903 and WD2303 models come with 6.7-liter, fuel-injected Tier 3 compliant engines. The 126-hp WD1203, the 190-hp WD1903 and the 226-hp WD2303 work well with the company's full line of headers. An optional rear suspension dampening system is now available for WD 3 Series units equipped with rear axle suspension.

The three rotary disc header models compatible with the Case IH WD 3 Series windrowers also have been upgraded — a shock protection system has been added to their cutterbeds.

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Self-Propelled Windrowers

New Holland's H8000 Speedrower line of self-propelled windrowers ranges from 126 to 226 hp and feature more productivity, cab and chassis suspension and an 18' disc head. Its MowMax modular cutterbar technology with ShockPro protection reduces operating costs and downtime. HD Discbine disc heads run lightly on the ground for less wear, less damage and consistent cut height.

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Commercial-Grade Forage Boxes

Meyer Mfg. Corp. introduces its 6000 commercial-grade forage boxes, available in front-unload and front/rear unload versions.

The 6000 works for wagon, trailer or truck mounting in 20', 22' or 24' lengths. Features include a solid poly floor, an all-steel frame, high sides, 667X pintle aprons with spring tighteners, a fourth beater, rear-gate delay and conveyor extension.

Circle 124, call 800-325-9103, email sales@meyermfg.com or visit www.meyermfg.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Busts Up Bales

Haybuster's 2564 Balebuster shredder chamber can handle bales in any condition. The machine allows straw to be spread in a 360° radius for bedding in pack barns, over fences or wherever it's needed. It can feed into a bunk, windrow or tire feeder. Hay can be ground directly into a mixing wagon or onto a stockpile. With its Curved Spout or its Straw Cannon, which shoots 100', the 2564 can be used to control odor on wastewater lagoons and for erosion control.

Circle 125, email ag.info@haybuster.com or visit www.haybuster.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Self-Unloading Hay Trailer

There's no need to tie down round bales using the Red Rhino self-unloading hay trailer, according to GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales. The trailer, which loads in minutes and unloads in seconds, also eliminates the need for a tractor for putting bales in storage, saving time, fuel and money.

Circle 126, call 877-851-2365 or visit www.gobobpipe.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Dozer Blade Upgrades

The 6200 Series Dozer Blade from Grouser Products offers strength, lift height and ground clearance for wide-frame 4WD tractors. It can now be used on John Deere and Challenger tractors and offers improvements over the 5200 model used on Case and New Holland machines.

Circle 127, call 800-747-6182 or visit www.grouser.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Rear-Unload Boxes

The Boss 8100 and 9100 Series industrial rear-unload boxes from Meyer Mfg. Corp. offer fast and safe unloading — unload time is 30-90 seconds, depending on size and drive system. The lineup includes 18-30' boxes for straight trucks, 30-36' semi-trailer versions and 18-26' tandem ag trailer versions. The boxes offer strength, uprights on 16" centers, solid poly floors and tubular floor supports.

Circle 128, call 800-325-9103 or visit www.meyermfg.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.