The following new and improved forage equipment offers growers efficient ways to produce more and better-quality products. Seventeen companies announce the following 24 introductions. For more information, circle the appropriate numbers on the card found on page 35. Or log on to free

Forage Harvesters

Claas has added the Jaguar 930 and 940 models to its forage harvester lineup. The Jaguar 940 has 472 hp; the Jaguar 930 is a 429-hp machine. An optional moisture meter lets growers gather moisture data and is used with the Claas yield meter.

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Round Balers

The Vermeer 604 and 605 Super M Series balers have new dual-stage belt tightening systems, direct crop feed systems, reinforced five-bar pickups and self-cleaning double augers in each baler's lower bottom drum. The 605 produces 30-72" × 61" bales weighing up to 2,400 lbs; the 604, 30-72" × 47" bales weighing up to 2,000 lbs.

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Small Square Balers

New Holland BC5000 Series square balers include three 14 × 18" models — the BC5050, BC5060 and BC5070 — plus a high-output 16 × 18" model, the BC5080. They offer flip-up front gearbox shielding for easy access to main gearboxes and hydroformatic oil pump systems.

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Upgraded SmallSquare Balers

Four Case IH SB Series small square balers replace the SBX models. They include the SB521, SB531 and SB541, producing 14 × 18" bales, and the SB551 model that makes 16 × 18" bales. A new plunger and feeder shielding design improves access to many key service points.

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Round Baler

The 458 Standard Baler from John Deere has an automatic-tie feature that's compatible with most older tractors and requires a single hydraulic remote. The baler also includes the company's BaleTrak Pro monitor-controller.

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Heavy-Duty Disc Mower

New Holland's H6830 pull-type disc mower, with a 10'4" cutting width, features a MowMax true modular cutterbar and ShockPro disc drive hubs, designed to reduce cutterbar repairs. Tractor hookup is easy: simply drop in the pin and hook up the pto and one hydraulic hose.

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New Holland's newest Discbine disc mower-conditioner line, the H7000, offers a choice of conditioning methods: intermeshing rubber rolls or tapered flails. Features include the MowMax modular cutterbar and ShockPro disc drive hubs.

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Disc Mowers

The Claas Disco 9100 Plus mower without conditioner stretches working width capacity to 29'3" with only a 150-hp requirement. The Disco 9300C, with its tine conditioning system and needing 225 hp, has a 29'10" bi-directional mowing width or a 29'3" mowing width when mounted front and rear. The 9100 model combined with the Disco 3100F and the 9300C plus the Disco 3100FC become triple-mower packages.

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Rotary Header

Massey Ferguson's Hesston Series 16' 9190 and 9192 rotary headers fit its 9635 windrower and feature the new RazorBar low-profile cutterbar and turbulence reduction roll.

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Roller Conditioner Options

John Deere's Tri-Lobe or V-10 double conditioner options are available on 4995 windrowers and 946 and 956 mower-conditioners. Tri-Lobe steel roll conditioners' three intermeshing lobes crush the length of the stem; V-10 rolls are for growers who want roll-conditioning benefits in crops such as sudan, sudex or cane.

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Triple Head Mergers

Oxbo International Corp. introduces 30' and 34' Avalanche mergers with triple heads. Heads form a continuous pickup using rubber-mounted tines spaced 2" apart and positioned along the full width of the heads.

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Updated Rotary Rakes

Updated and strengthened GA 6622 and GA 7922 trailed, side-delivery rotary rakes are at narrower transport widths than previous models, according to Kuhn North America, Inc. The rakes form either single or double windrows with working-width ranges of 11'8"-25'5" and 16'5"-30'7", respectively.

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Rotary Rakes

Claas introduces the Liner 750 and Liner 1750 rakes. The 750 twin rotor design allows for single or twin windrows with a 24' clearing width and 25'7" working width. With a working width to 26'3", the 1750's twin rotor design allows for a single windrow.

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Rotary Tedder

The GF 7802 T six-rotor, trailed rotary tedder, with a working width of 25'7", is new from Kuhn North America, Inc. Its heavy-duty transport system's wheel assembly completely retracts hydraulically from the tractor seat.

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Triple Bale Spears

Frontier's AL12 Series triple bale spears move large square or round bales weighing up to 2,500 lbs and are available in four models to fit small, medium or large tractors.

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Load-Securing System

Stinger's automatic load-securing system for large rectangular bales lets growers load and secure a full truckload in under 10 minutes.

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Pick-Up Head, Steering Device

The PU 380 Pro Jaguar forage harvester pickup head from Claas has a pickup width of 12'6" with a standard quick coupler. The pickup pivots independently from the main frame of the head, offering a smooth ride and good crop pickup. The Claas camera-based Cam Pilot is also available to automatically steer a harvester along a windrow.

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Bale Identification System

The Tagger, Harvest Tec's individual bale identification system for large square balers, uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to create readable tags with details on every bale made.

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Double Seeder Hitch

The BDH-512 Double Seeder Hitch from Brillion Iron Works, Inc.'s Farm Equipment Division works with any 8', 10' or 12' pull-type seeder. Once connected, the hitch adjusts to the width of the largest seeder, allowing it to equalize the weight on each seeder for uniform seeding depth.

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Vertical Mixer

The 1,400-cu ft Model 3600 triple screw vertical mixer is the largest of the Patz vertical mixer series. Add optional side extensions and mixing capacity increases to up to 1,580 cu ft.

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Forage Box

The Xtracap Forage Box from H&S Manufacturing is available in 17', 19' and 21' lengths in front- and rear-unload models. Its staggered beater design delivers a smooth flow to the unloading apron or twin augers.

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Grass And Grain Drills

CrustBuster debuts its grass and grain drills. Working widths of the Series 5007 three-point or pull-type are up to 7'6"; the Model 5010, from 9'10" to 10'; and the Model 5015, 14'3"-15'. The drills' coulter/opener design uses a planter-style opener with offset 15" double disc blades.

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Portable Platform Scales

Central City Scale platform scales let growers weigh hay in the field. Platforms measure 7'6" or 8'6" × 10'8" with 50,000-lb capacity.

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Soil Aerators

AerWay's AWST and AWFT aerators include a new inline roller system, c-flex cushion springs, outboard star tines to maintain equal aeration for the full width of the machines and heavy-duty trunnion bearings. AWST rigid-frame models are in widths from 10' to 20'; AWFT hydraulic-fold models come in 20', 25' and 30' working widths.

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