An electric fence controller ideal for polytape or polywire fences has been introduced by Red Snap'R, Ellendale, MN. The RS3 has a three-mile range and 110-volt 60HZ operation. The rugged plastic case is shock-, fire- and weather-resistant and has a blinking light to indicate proper fence operation.

The Speedrite S250 solar energizer combines a 2.6-watt solar panel and 12-volt rechargeable battery into a functional carrying case, according to Tru-Test, San Antonio, TX. It also contains a battery management system that balances the energy available with the fence load, achieving optimum battery life. The battery can be set via a control panel to full or half power and fast or slow pulse speed, and night mode can be turned on or off. Night mode slows the pulse rate when animals are less active.

Twin Mountain Fence Co., San Angelo, TX, introduces a new line of American-made energizers, all with three-year lightning guarantees. Six units are available. Electric models range from the E150, a 110-volt, 15-mile, 1.5-joule unit, to the E1200, a 110-volt, 120-mile, 12-joule unit. Battery-powered energizers, B100 and B500, are offered in 1-joule, 10-mile or 5-joule, 50-mile units. A 12-volt, 0.20-joule, two-mile solar unit is also offered.

GreenCote high-tensile smooth and barbed wire are two of the newest products from Premier Fence Systems, Washington, IA. Green-Cote is a green "wash" over the zinc coating that resists rust and corrosive environments much better than normal wire. The high-tensile wire is 12-gauge with 1050N/mm2 tensile strength; the barbed wire has 12-gauge line wires with 14-gauge wire in the barbs.

Maxi Grunt polywire is available from Cameo fencing, Hammond, NY. At 11/44" in diameter, it's the largest white polywire available, increasing visibility. Six strands of stainless steel wire are woven on the outside for high conductivity. Maxi Grunt has a breaking strength of 600-700 lbs, reducing the chance for animal injury.

Parmak, Kansas City, MO, has four new fencing products.

Baygard Equi-Tape and Baygard polywire are high-visibility products using aluminum wire as a conductor and PVC-coated fiberglass to keep them from stretching or sagging in wind and hot weather.

Bigfoot step-in poly post, made of lightweight, non-conductive co-polymer poly, is 48" tall with a 10" metal spike. Baygard fiberglass posts have adjustable insulators and improved strength.

The 924H skid steer post hole digger from Worksaver, Litchfield, IL, mounts directly to skid steer loaders equipped with universal quick attach. The digger provides better reach over fence lines and other obstructions, plus excellent visibility for the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

The Mule corner post and anchor system from Geotek, Inc., Stewartville, MN, anchors corner posts in the same manner that electric utility pole brace cables are anchored. The system features all-fiberglass post construction with a protective UV coating for strength and durability. Screw-in steel anchors are easy to install and have great holding power in any terrain.

Premier Fence Systems, Washington, IA, offers a pigtail strip grazing post that holds wire 33" above the ground and has an 8" spoke and plate to insert into the ground. The painted steel rod is 0.35" in diameter.

A new fence-winding spool from Agri-Future, Isle, MN, mounts on a front-end loader bucket. Hand-driven, it'll wind barbed, smooth and electric wire or tape - even small cable. It features a wire guide to create an evenly wrapped spool, and a friction brake that controls the rate of unwinding.

Injuries to animals or people are less likely with the use of Re-Flex post caps from CPC, Lexington, MA. The soft rubber caps are available in four standard fence post sizes. Easy to install, they're bright yellow but custom sizes and colors are available.

HornGate, Twin Falls, ID, is a combination driveway barrier and electric fence gate operator. The gate raises after a "beep beep" of a car or tractor horn and closes automatically after an adjustable pause. Or, it can be activated by a two-button transmitter.

Cross T-post fences with ease using the cast aluminum alloy Hi-Stepper from Modern Farm, Cody, WY. It slips over T-post lugs and locks in place, giving you a 4"-wide step on each side of the fence. It weighs just 8 oz.

A heavy-duty steel self-latching gate latch has been introduced by The Latch, LLC, Bloomsdale, MO. The pulling up on a pin releases the gate to swing free in either direction and a push sends the gate back, where it relatches automatically. The latch cannot be jiggled or rammed open by livestock and can be padlocked for security. It works with any size or style of gate and mounting it requires no hardware.

A high-density screw-on insulator from Dare Products, Battle Creek, MI, fits steel and fiberglass posts and rods up to 91/416" in diameter. The Western Screw-Tight insulator can be installed without tools and is available in yellow and black. It's designed to allow fence height adjustments while the fence is electrified.

Simplify your next gate- building project with SturdyGate hardware from Modern Farm. Using your 2 x 4" lumber, follow the simple assembly instructions for a perfectly fit hinged gate in about an hour. All brackets (including welded hinges) and assembly screws are provided.

No need to rebuild your gates to fit your gate latches. Ranchers' Buddy Gate Latch, from Modern Farm, includes 3' of chain to make it fully adjustable to fit any gate. Easy to install, it has a comfortable lever handle that snugs up gates in seconds.

Tru-Test has released the Speedrite Fault Finder. It measures, in amps, the amount of current flowing through an electric fence system and shows the reading in a backlit LCD display. It also indicates the direction of the flow and the fence voltage reading. An audible current indicator also can be used to find faults. The unit doesn't require a ground cord and is water-resistant.