ProAg Hay Products has introduced a durable, efficient round bale handler to the market.

The ProAg Bale Hiker handles heavy round bales of alfalfa and other hay, cornstalks, beanstalks, pea stalks, straw or high-moisture forages, says Lisa Gaskin, ProAg-Morris marketing and sales manager, Billings, MT.

Its durability has been tested moving cornstalk bales destined for ethanol plants and feedlots from cornfields notorious for their rough ground, she says.

“The ProAg Bale Hiker’s walking axle makes the difference. The walking axle gives it the ability to run on rough ground with ease.”

Bales are picked up on the right side of the pulling unit. The loading arm, with a built-in bale turner, lets the operator pick up a bale from any direction and turn it before loading it onto the Hiker, Gaskin adds.

Run off two hydraulic tractor remotes with minimum technical demands, the machine features a push bar on both sides so the operator can unload a single side of bales at one time or both sides together.

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