Fence Energizers

Dare Products, Inc., Battle Creek, MI, introduces Enforcer electric fence energizers that use low-impedance technology. The units use peak joule output under the most difficult fence conditions. Built for all types of weather, they also have built-in lightning protection.
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More Energizers

Cameo Fencing, Inc., Hammond, NY, distributes not only Dare's Enforcer, but also its Sentry and Eclipse energizers. They, too, offer low impedance and high performance.
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High-Output Energizers

Tru-Test Inc., Mineral Springs, TX, introduces a new line of Speedrite energizers. These low-impedance Delta units deliver extremely high output per Joule and can work in the toughest environments. They maintain high voltage in thick overgrowth and also offer three output indicator lights to easily see the output voltage. They're available in 0.5 Joule, 1 Joule and 2.5 Joule outputs in plug-in and battery-powered units.
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Solar Fence Controllers

Zareba Systems, Rochester, MN, boasts improved three-mile (model SP3) and 10-mile (model SP10) solar electric fence controllers that work well in tough conditions and remote locations. The built-in handle and mounting bracket make them easy to carry and install on all sizes of T-posts, Y-posts, wood posts or flat surfaces such as barn or shed walls. Solar power is reliable for up to two weeks without sunlight.
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T-Post Connector

The Speed Brace connector, from New Farm Products, Mineral Point, WI, makes fence braces fast. It makes a complete brace in less than five minutes on all types of fence, even in remote or rocky areas. It also can be used to build H and floating diagonal corner and end braces.
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Portable Post Brace

The Push-A-Post is a portable brace that makes corner posts without using wooden posts or braces — or needing post holes dug. From Push-A-Post Brace Co., Iola, TX, it consists of a horizontal base post and a diagonal post that's bolted to it. The brace can be used for either permanent or temporary fencing.
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Rust-Proof Electric Gate

Kencove, Blairsville, PA, introduces a stainless spring gate set for 14-24' gates. The spring gate comes with a three-handle hook-up set. The electric wire can be connected between the two nuts on the bolt. Or, if you buy either a zinc or stainless split bolt tap, you don't need to bend the wire and several wires will fit into the same slot. Kencove also offers a super-strong polycarbonate insulated spring handle with all-stainless metal parts.
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Custom-Fit Hinged Gate

The all-steel Instagate, from Modern Farm, Cody, WY, gives fence builders the hardware to make a perfectly fit hinged gate in about an hour. All brackets, including welded hinges, and assembly screws are provided. You supply the lumber.
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Fencing Alternative

IntelliTwine is more visible, less expensive, easier to handle and stronger than other polywire products, according to Premier Fence, Washington, IA. It's constructed of 24 UV-stabilized, tightly twisted plastic filaments as well as three stainless steel and three tinned copper filaments, which give it the increased conductivity. Most polywires have only 15 or 18 filaments. IntelliTwine is also easy to wind and rewind.
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Electric Fence Poly Rope

Model RSR660 poly rope offers a safe, strong, attractive and affordable option for containing horses or other livestock. The white, ¼"-diameter, high-density polyethylene strand provides greater visibility and strength than traditional poly wire, is portable and easy to install, rewind and re-use. From Zareba Systems, it offers excellent conductivity with nine strands of stainless steel wire.
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Post Driver

Shaver Manufacturing, Graettinger, IA, has designed a self-contained post driver that's powerful, easy to maneuver and requires minimal hydraulic power.

The OH-100, mounted on a skid-steer loader, can be powered by a minimum of 10 gpm. It drives a 4-5" post into the ground in less than 15 seconds and has its own 5-gallon oil reservoir.
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Coated Wire

White Lightning, a co-polymer-coated, 12.5-gauge, galvanized high-tensile wire, comes from Centaur, Muscle Shoals, AL. Similar to ordinary high-tensile electric fence wire, it's superior in quality and safety because of its animal-friendly coating. The wire incorporates highly visible white polymers and highly charged black polymers in four shock points to help contain livestock.
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Digital Fence Tester

A digital fence tester from Zareba Systems combines digital accuracy with ease and convenience. Model DEFT1 provides accurate and reliable voltage readings on fence lines or fence controllers with simple, one-touch operation. It measures voltage on any metal wire, poly wire or poly tape.
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Post Driver/Puller

A device that easily attaches to the side of a T-post can drive, reposition or pull a post efficiently and safely, according to T-Mate-O, Charlestown, IN. The Post Mate also keeps the driver out of existing fence, wire or plants.
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Post Driver Sleeve

Rohrer Manufacturing, Powell Butte, OR, announces a line of customized interchangeable sleeves that enable Man-Saver air-powered T-post drivers to drive almost any shaped post on the market. Man-Saver drivers feature durable steel construction and an operating speed of 80-85 strokes per minute.
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Round Post Latch

A latch for round posts — the Lokk-Latch Round Post Gravity Latch — is the latest from D&D Technologies, Huntington Beach, CA.

The latch offers the benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with 100% rust-free components. It fits most diameters of round post gates and chainlink fencing.
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Insulates and Tensions

The newest in tensioning and insulating — the Tensulator — comes from System Gripple, Sheffield, UK, and Tru-Test Inc., Mineral Springs, TX. Resembling the Gripple, it can join, tension, anchor and insulate. The product is six times faster than using conventional end strain insulators, according to Tru-Test. It's made of highly durable glass-filled nylon with a monofilament cord.
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