U.S. hay prices pushed upward, but just slightly last month, according to the Agricultural Prices report released by USDA last week.

At $203/ton, the average all-hay price in May was $3/ton higher than it was in April and up $2/ton from the May 2012 total. The average alfalfa hay price, $221/ton, was up $6/ton from that of the previous month and $4 higher than it was a year earlier.

Wisconsin and Iowa tied at $275/ton for the highest average alfalfa-hay prices among reporting states. May alfalfa prices in those states were up $20 and $24/ton, respectively, from April prices. New Mexico claimed the next highest alfalfa price, at $265/ton, up $29/ton from prices of the previous month.

Although North Dakota reported the lowest average alfalfa price – $137/ton – it was $11/ton higher in May than it was in April.

U.S. other-hay prices in May averaged $154/ton, down from April’s $162/ton price. But other hay in Arizona averaged $250/ton in May as compared to lows of $88 and $89/ton, respectively, in Texas and North Dakota.

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