July 16, 2015 11:21 AM

Rapid Growing Agriculture Company Promotes Chinese Agriculture with Technologies that Preserve Forage

Ralco announced today that it has registered two forage enhancement products in China, Sila-Mix® and Sila-Max®, that have been proven to increase performance of beef and dairy cattle.Sila-Mix® is a combination of Ralco’s patented Microbial Catalyst® technology, organic acid and an inoculant. Sila-Max® is solely an advanced inoculant. Both products are advanced technologies that enhance forage preservation.

Ralco beef nutritionists Dr. Del Davis and Dr. Bill Holloway have been working with Dr. Jianping Wu from Gansu Agricultural University – Lanzhou City to both research and register the products for the Chinese market. Dr. Holloway said Ralco’s highly effective natural technologies are a perfect fit for Chinese agriculture.

“Ralco’s basic philosophy of producing food as naturally as possible fits Chinese agriculture. China produces an abundance of forage that can be more fully utilized. The government is very interested in improving on a concept of increased straw utilization. Sila-Mix® and Sila-Max® fit their needs very well because it helps them create better forage for more feed and ultimately greater food production,” Dr. Holloway said.

Research conducted by Gansu Agricultural University – Lanzhou City demonstrate that both Sila-Mix® and Sila-Max® increase dry matter intake (DMI), average daily gain (ADG), carcass weight and dressing percentage of beef cattle. Both natural forage preservation products reflect Ralco’s approach of promoting animal performance and health through quality nutrition. The optimal method Chinese agriculture prefers is to produce food naturally for a growing population.

“There are 1.3 billion people in China that need safe and abundant food,” Dr. Davis said. “496 billion tons of forage for livestock is produced annually. We will treat a significant amount of that forage with Ralco technologies, which means we can help the Chinese farmer become more efficient and utilize more of their feedstuffs for livestock production – beef and dairy in particular.”

Drs. Davis and Holloway said neither the product registrations nor scientific research would have been possible without a quality relationship with Dr. Wu. His technical knowledge and embrace of natural Ralco technologies were critical to the successful product registrations.

“If we have good relationships in China everything is possible. If we do not have good relationships, nothing is possible. We needed to develop a relationship with the right person that would enable us to successfully introduce technologies and products to China. Dr. Jianping Wu has great technological knowledge and influence, and he has been essential to our success in China,” said Dr. Holloway.

Ralco is a third-generation family owned multinational company with distribution in more than 30 countries. A leading global provider of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement products; Ralco supports large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop industries.