April 26, 2017 04:01 PM

IMMVAC, Inc., customers and allied industry foundations proudly give to cattlemen in need.

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In the final weeks of March over $200,000 was raised for cattlemen affected by wildfires through IMMVAC®, Inc.’s pledge of Endovac-Beef® and Endovac-Dairy® vaccine gross sales. In addition to the gross sales contribution, the organization increased the final donation to an even $250,000.

IMMVAC has distributed $100,000 to the Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation, Kansas Livestock Foundation, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation. These state organizations are providing producers in the affected states support during this time of recovery.

The remaining $150,000 has been pledged to the Drovers/Farm Journal Foundation Million Dollar Wildfire Relief Challenge. Through this program, all funds donated up to a million dollars will be matched by the Howard G. Buffet Foundation. Funds will then be distributed through the Working Ranch Cowboy Association to cattlemen in need. Due to the staggering cost of fencing, the money raised has been dedicated for labor and supplies to rebuild the nearly 18,000 miles of fences that burnt.

“As the news broke of the devastating wildfires in the plains states, we knew IMMVAC needed to find a way to give back to these farming and ranching families,” said Kevin Sprouse, CEO of IMMVAC, Inc. “The original goal was to give $100,000 to the state organizations, thankfully, producers from across the country, along with great allied industry partners banding together enabled us to give nearly three times that amount to cattlemen in need.”

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