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With a nod to the increasing popularity of baleage across North America, Vermeer adds three new single bale wrappers to their hay tool offering. The SBW4000, SBW8000 and SBW8500 are the latest bale wrappers that turn high-moisture hay bales into individually wrapped baleage packages.

“Every operation is different but we believe if an operator is making less than 500 bales of baleage a year, a single bale wrapper may be the right choice compared to an inline wrapper,” said Vermeer Product Manager, Josh Vrieze. “Another advantage of individually wrapped bales is they are easier to transport and sell than those wrapped in a row.”

The SBW4000 is for small operations looking to be able to wrap their hay in a static location near where they are storing their bales. The two hand controls on the wrapper turn the table to wrap the film around the bale and lift the table to discharge the bale.

The SBW8000 and SBW8500 offer more convenient features providing an enhanced user experience. Both models offer a durable loading arm for picking up and wrapping bales in the field as well as a new in-cab electronic control system with a 4.3-in color touchscreen and keypad to manage the automatic wrapping process. In addition, the SBW8500 has a bale discharge system that helps gently move the bale off the wrapper to preserve wrapping integrity and tip the bale on end.

“Years ago, only a couple regions of North America were making high-moisture hay. Now we are seeing it in essentially all regions. We are excited to offer a tool for smaller to mid-size producers to help preserve their forage quality,” Vrieze said.

Click here to see the SBW4000 and SBW8000/SBW8500 in action.

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