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Barenbrug USA is introducing its newest product PastureRX which features Yellow Jacket seed coating technology. PastureRX is made for use on hobby farms because of the ultra-absorbent technology that can hold up to 600 times its own weight, making it ideal for drought tolerance, establishing good growth and overall longevity of pastures. The balanced mixture of non-GMO grass and legumes is easy to plant and can be grazed as soon as the plants have taken root firmly. These modern varieties were developed through standard breeding and selection practices to establish quickly and produce palatable, high-quality pasture that will compete with undesirable species when managed properly.

Studies from accredited research universities such as Texas A&M, Ohio State and New Mexico State demonstrate that Yellow Jacket seed coating also provides a layer of stability that increases initial growth by up to 14%, retains protective fungicide sprays longer and allows seeds to establish good growth, improving your pasture’s overall yield and longevity. This means you can focus less on planting and more on tending to your pastures and animals.

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