Sept. 22, 2019 02:29 PM

The technology includes E34 and NEA2 beneficial endophytes for even better forage quality

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  • Select Barenbrug USA Master Series products now include GET PLUS technology.
  • GET PLUS adds E34 and NEA2 beneficial, non-toxic, fungal endophytes to improve forage quality.
  • Forage quality has a direct effect on animal performance because forage quality directly affects profitability.

TANGENT, Ore. (September 17, 2019) — Barenburg USA has now added GET PLUS technology to select Master Series products. GET PLUS adds beneficial, non-toxic, fungal endophytes that improve forage quality and in turn, increase profitability.

Traditionally, forage grasses have been defined by two traits: yield and persistence. But, there is also a strong emphasis placed on a third trait—forage quality. After many years of research, Barenbrug USA has incorporated all three of these traits into select varieties of forage. Researchers at Barenbrug examined alkaloid profiles of numerous endophytes collected from around the world.

This research led to the identification of several beneficial endophytes. These selected endophytes were inoculated into different seed germplasm. From this research, E34 and NEA2 emerged and were integrated with Barenbrug’s BarOptima soft leaf tall fescue and Remington perennial ryegrass.

Master Series products are specially formulated to offer animals the ideal mixture of forage species and varieties for their needs. These blends have been put together by forage-breeding specialists, so you are able to plant with confidence.

Master Series Products that include GET PLUS Technology:

  • Stockmaster
  • Dairymaster
  • Beefmaster

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