Just in case reading eHay Weekly wasn’t first on your “to do” list every Tuesday morning of the past year, here’s a chance to catch up with the 10 most popular articles that came through your inbox during 2019. Looking ahead to 2020, we will once again strive to bring you relevant forage production and marketing information each week.

In the order of when they appeared, here are eHay Weekly’s Top 10 from 2019:

Round bale binding materials evaluated

University of Minnesota researchers evaluated twine-wrapped round bales to that of net-wrapped or B-wrapped bales. January 15

It’s time to rethink nitrates

The book on nitrate levels in forages may need to be rewritten, at least when it comes to grazing. In many cases, nitrate levels are high, but researchers are finding that there seems to be no ill effects on cattle. February 5

Build a hay barn right the first time

The University of Kentucky’s Morgan Hayes outlines many of the considerations that need to be made before building a hay barn. Siting, size, construction, and ventilation all need to be taken into account. March 5

Our annual look at farm custom rates

The annual review of custom rates from states that compile such information is a popular item every year. March 19

Outside the box alfalfa establishment

For almost 10 years, University of Wisconsin researchers have been trying to perfect a system whereby alfalfa can be successfully established under a corn crop. This article outlines their progress to date. June 11

Cut grass at just the right height

If you plan to keep grass in a forage stand, leave enough stubble for regrowth. Repeated low cutting will thin stands and allow for weed encroachment. August 6

A quick way to more and better hay

The easiest way to higher hay yields and improved quality is to preserve what you already have in storage. August 27

It’s alfalfa killing time

All alfalfa fields must be terminated at some point. Autumn has always proven to be the best time to issue last rites. This article describes your fall-killing options. September 10

We’ve got a (bale) weight problem

Whenever hay is sold by the bale rather than on a weight basis, someone usually gets the short end of the stick. November 5

Small square bales just won’t die

This Christmas Eve entry was a popular read as we looked at the relatively small but consistent market for small square bales. Many haymakers continue to capitalize on this premium market. December 24