The USDA average November price for alfalfa fell from $156 to $150 per ton. This is the lowest November price since 2010 and was $32 below the November 2014 value.

The USDA market price figures account for all qualities of alfalfa hay sold and are weighted based on volume. The lower month-to-month November price is not atypical; only once in the past 10 years did the November price exceed that of October.

The largest per ton price decline for alfalfa hay came from Colorado (-$20), Kansas (-$15), Minnesota (-$15), New York (-$13) and Ohio (-$10). There were some states that bucked the national trend. Those with higher November prices included: Idaho (+$20), Michigan (+$20), Oregon (+$15) and Oklahoma (+$12).

The November all-hay price movement was similar to alfalfa with a month-to-month price drop of $4 to $142 per ton.