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KS Dairy Consulting, Inc., creators of Feed Supervisor®, Hoof Supervisor™ and Truck Supervisor™, recently welcomed Dave Hildebrandt to its team as dairy nutritionist.

Advising dairy producers on how to best reach their performance and profitability goals, Dave’s work focuses on four key areas: feeding program development, ration balancing, forage management and animal health.

Utilizing the latest technologies and advancements, Dave offers a modern approach to dairy nutrition. Specializing in forage quality and transition cow performance, Hildebrandt says, “My goal is to help producers raise healthy cows and reach their full profit potential.”

Prior to joining KS Dairy Consulting, Dave spent three years as a dairy nutritionist for Burnett Dairy Cooperative in Grantsburg, Wis. Here, he conducted a highly successful program for maximizing milk production and milk quality by linking agronomy to dairy nutrition. Helping improve upon soil fertility and seed selection, Dave was able to optimize plant health, leading to exceptional forage quality. Forages in the program contained on average 40 percent less mycotoxins. As a result, milk production increased as much as eight pounds per cow along with a significant reduction in somatic cell count.

Dave has a bachelor’s degree in animal science with an emphasis in business management from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

About KS Dairy Consulting, Inc.
KS Dairy Consulting began serving dairy producers in 1993. What started as a focus on dairy nutrition quickly grew into enterprise management, helping clients look at the big picture of feed management and cow comfort through three innovative software systems: Feed Supervisor®, Hoof Supervisor™ and Truck Supervisor™.

Ration management, bunk management, operator performance and inventory control are the primary features of Feed Supervisor, helping producers ensure their cows are always fed a proper balanced ration while avoiding empty bunk syndrome and inventory shrink.

Truck Supervisor completes a comprehensive feed management solution by conveniently and accurately recording incoming feed data to control ration costs. Its Click and Go technology gives harvest trucks a fast-paced, one-pass weighing system.

Hoof Supervisor is a chute-side data recording system that enables trimmer, veterinarian, nutritionist and herd manager to better understand and manage lameness issues. Instead of manure-stained trim sheets, producers receive colored graphs and reports featuring necessary data for reducing cull rates.
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