The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance (NAFA) announced seed brand marketers that have agreed to participate in the new alfalfa checkoff program beginning later this summer. The checkoff will be formally known as the U.S. Alfalfa Farmer Research Initiative.

The program, which was recently accepted by a unanimous vote of the NAFA board of directors, will assess a $1 checkoff on every bag of alfalfa seed sold, and funds will be used solely to support alfalfa public research nationwide.

Seed brand marketers that have agreed to participate and facilitate the program include:

Alforex Seeds

America’s Alfalfa

Browning Seed





Fontanelle Hybrids

Forage First

Gold Country Seed

Hubner Seed

Jung Seed Genetics

Kruger Seeds

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Legacy Seeds

Lewis Hybrids


Prairie Creek Seed

Rea Hybrids

S&W Seed Company

Simplot Grower Solutions



Stone Seed

W-L Research

“It’s not too late to participate,” says Beth Nelson, NAFA president. “Brand marketers can still sign on and help ensure the future of the alfalfa industry.”

Though alfalfa is the third most valuable field crop grown in the U.S., research funding has waned far behind crops like corn and wheat. Even with the checkoff that fact will remain true, but alfalfa growers may have a stronger case for additional federal research funding if the industry also has some “skin in the game.”

NAFA has recently developed an alfalfa checkoff frequently asked questions fact sheet, or you can contact their office by calling 651-484-3888.