The National Alfalfa Symposium

The National Alfalfa Symposium

National Alfalfa Symposium

2008 National Alfalfa Symposium Coverage

Growers attending the 2008 National Alfalfa Symposium, hosted by Hay & Forage Grower and the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association, heard speakers on a wide range of alfalfa-related topics.

Recaps of many of those presentations are below:

Session Title: What’s New In Forage Equipment 
Presentation: Manipulating Hay Swath To Speed Drying 
Presented By:
 Dan Undersander, forage specialist, University of Wisconsin
Session Recap:

Wide-Swathed Haylage Doesn’t Need Conditioning 
The Differences Among Hay Conditioners 
Tedders And Rakes And Mergers – Oh, My! 
Work To Lower Ash Content In Forage

Session Title: Alfalfa's Future Presentation: Alfalfa As A Green Biomass Alternative 
Presented by: Michael Russelle, USDA-ARS soil scientist
Session Recap:

Alfalfa As A Green Biomass Crop

Session Title: Breeding Tomorrow's Alfalfa
Presented by: Joe Bouton, Noble Foundation
Session Recap:

Biotechnology Delivers Better Alfalfa

Session Title: Alfalfa As A Grazing Crop
Presented by: Garry Lacefield, University of Kentucky
Session Recap:

Alfalfa As A Grazing Crop

Session Title: Fertilizing Alfalfa For Maximum Yields
Presented by: Steve Orloff, University of California Farm Advisor
Session Recap:

Look At Alfalfa Nutrient Needs Carefully This Spring

Session Title: Forage Testing Accuracy: An Art And A Science
Presented by: Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin ­ Madison
Session Recap:

Forage Analyses Are Estimates, Not Absolutes

The 2008 Alfalfa Symposium is Sponsored by:

Croplan Genetics
Krone North America
Pro Ag
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

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