Here's a snapshot of what growers and forage-industry representatives are concerned about this week:

“These cattle have to have grass. If they don’t have grass, they either go to slaughter or they go someplace else.”– California beef producer Dick Nock, commenting on how an atypical, late fall-early winter dry spell in many parts of the state is affecting producers. The last 1”-plus rainfall in California’s Central Coast Region was on Nov. 20 and no rain has fallen since Dec. 12. Source:, San Luis Obispo, CA.

“I’ve located some more (hay), but I also have to locate more money.” – Vermont dairy farmer Doug Turner, discussing how last summer’s Tropical Storm Irene has created a statewide livestock feed shortage. Turner, who milks 45 cows, estimates he’ll spend $6,000 to bring in feed this year – an expense he usually doesn’t have. Source: Associated Press.

“We are all one regulation away from being out of business.”– Reed Rubinstein, senior counsel for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in a presentation on federal regulations at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting last week in Honolulu. Source: American Farm Bureau Federation.