Getting the most from pastures and herds is the focus of a two-day grazing school set for Sept. 21-22 at the University of Arkansas Livestock and Forestry Station, Batesville.

The school is free and open to all livestock producers, but those interested should register in advance to reserve a free lunch.

"Getting more out of forages and pasture are big priorities now for many producers who are faced with getting their cow herds by on a short hay crop and even shorter pastures," says John Jennings, University of Arkansas forage specialist.

The school is sponsored by the Arkansas Grazing Lands Coalition; Natural Resources Conservation Service, or NRCS; and USDA. Its agenda includes:

  1. Theory and practicality of grazing management.
  2. Extending the grazing season.
  3. Soil fertility for forage systems.
  4. Paddock layout and design.
  5. NRCS cost-share and Cooperative Extension Service programs.
  6. Farm tours of management-practice demonstrations.

To register today, call 870-793-7432 or email; call 870-793-4164, extension 3, or email; or call 870-793-8840 or email