A European manufacturer of an implement that pairs round bales for easy pickup will offer the machine for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

The Bale Buggy, manufactured by Doyle Engineering, County Kildare, Ireland, is being targeted to owners of round balers making 5,000 or more bales per year, says Oliver Paquette, the U.S.-Canadian distributor.

The buggy pulls behind a round baler. Once the first bale is made, it rolls onto the buggy where a conveyor system moves the bale to the back. After the second bale is formed, both roll to the ground next to each other for easy pickup.

The buggy works with any type of baler and plumbs into the baler-door hydraulic circuit. It collects 4 x 4’ and 5 x 4’ bales. A 5’-wide unit is in development.

“Cost per unit will be between $12,000 and $15,000, as we are currently working on freight to bring cost per unit down,” Paquette says.

For more information, visit balebuggy.blogspot.ca, email otfarms@gmail.com or call Paquette at 705-594-2730. To see a video of the machine, visit the Doyle website.