The following are the latest fencing products for graziers, growers and ranchers available from manufacturers. For more information, call or email companies or visit the Web sites listed below each item. Or circle the appropriate numbers on the reply card found on page 31, then mail the card.

Compact Energizers

Two powerful, compact electric fence energizers have been added to the Titan line of Twin Mountain Fence, San Angelo, TX. The TE50 and TB50 can power single-wire 5-mile fences or 3-wire 1.66-mile fences. The units safely and effectively control all types of animals on all types of terrain.

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Solar Energizer

A 12-volt solar energizer from Power Wizard, Streetsboro, OH, features low-impedance circuitry that delivers shock through overgrowth and weeds. The PW100S energizer mounts easily and has a modular circuit design for easy serviceability.

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Low-Impedance Energizers

Dare Products, Inc., Battle Creek, MI, introduces three models of powerful, low-impedance electric fence energizers. The DE 20 provides 0.05 joule energy for a 1-acre fence; the DE 60, 0.1 joule for 3-acre fences; and the DE 80, 0.2 joule energy for 5 acres of fence.

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Energizer For Horses

Power Wizard's line of electric fence energizers for horse owners shocks through weeds and brush. Its HorseSafe 15 is a 110-volt, 1.5-joule plug-in energizer recommended for corrals and pastures up to 15 acres. HorseSafe 30, also 110 volts, supplies 3 joules of energy and is for pastures up to 30 acres. HorseSafe 10B is a 1-joule, 6- or 12-volt battery-operated energizer for corrals and pastures up to 10 acres.

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Wire Winder Mount

A new universal mount for wire winders is applicable on most anything with hydraulics, including loader buckets, pickup boxes and other equipment, according to Pro-Tatch, Inc., Grand Island, NE.

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Fence Post Clips

The new Step-In post from Geotek, Inc., Stewartville, MN, features its new SmartClip. The SmartClip has a fast and easy-to-use durable design and holds up to 2” tape, braided rope, polywire or high-tensile wire. The Step-In post is lightweight and strong.

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Fence Tester

Eight Light Fence Tester model 3360, from Dare Products, accurately measures fence voltage up to 7,000 volts. It is designed for neat storage at an affordable price.

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Post Driver Trailers

Shaver Manufacturing, based in Graettinger, IA, introduces its TU series of trailers for mounting post drivers that allows operators to transport posts with the drivers. The unit's positioner turntable gives an operator better accuracy and control by tilting the driver forward and sideways, and swiveling it up to 155°. The standard TU-13 trailer features a self-contained, 13-hp Honda engine with electric start. The TU-13-T unit hooks up to a tractor and is powered by the tractor's hydraulic system.

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Post Driver, Grapple

The Postmaster, from Danuser Industrial Group, Fulton, MO, includes a grapple option (pictured) that picks up the post from the ground without additional hydraulics or controls. The Postmaster can drive wood or steel posts up to 14' tall, depending upon model. It can drive up to 60 posts/hour and its minimum hydraulic requirements are 12 gpm and 2,000 psi. A 19° tilt option is also available.

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Post Driver Attachment

The Pilot Auger, distributed by Kencove Farm Fence, Blairsville, PA, and Shaver Manufacturing, digs pilot holes that make driving posts quicker and easier and reduces driver wear. The auger can attach to and be powered by Shaver's HD-10 or HD-12 post driver unit. It can also be installed on Shaver's skid-steer loader-, tractor- or trailer-mounted units.

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Gate Keeper, Alert

The Gate Bell calls long range to a home base station to alert landowners of visitors at the gate. From Gate Bird Long Range Wireless Gate Operator Co., Twin Falls, ID, it comes in 12-volt DC and 9-volt wireless versions. A four-digit code will also allow the gate to open. The Solar 9V Probe, also from Gate Bird Co., is a wireless, solar-powered driveway alarm that alerts up to a half mile or more away from home base stations.

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Automatic Gate Openers

Automatic gate openers from Zareba Systems, Ellendale, MN, are the most powerful self-installed gate openers on the market, according to the company. With just the touch of a button, model G750 opens swing gates up to 16' long and 750 lbs; model G450 opens gates to 14' long and 450 lbs. Sleek and unobtrusive, the opener cycles 200+ times per day and complies with all UL325 standards.

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Chain Link Latch

D&D Technologies' Lokk-Latch Round Post, model LL5ARND, fits chain link and other round posts with diameters ranging from 1⅞” to 2⅞”, and gate frames ranging from 1⅜” to 2”. The rust-resistant latch can be locked by a key, fits up to 2” gate gaps and has an optional push-button external access kit.

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Wood Posts, Steel Rails

Cameo Fencing, Inc., Hammond, NY, introduces its combined fencing product — treated wood posts and steel pipe rails. The rails are the same pipe-in-pipe “swedge” rail connection that's part of the company's all-steel pipe fencing. The rail-in-rail design can be constructed as a single continuous rail to whatever length is needed.

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