Trailed Mower
Vermeer’s heavy-duty TM850 trailed mower has a 10’5” cutting width and features a new design, a patent-pending hydraulic suspension system and a three-year cutterbar warranty. Its formed 6” steel-tube frame distributes loading and reduces stress levels in harsh mowing conditions.

A unique patent-pending self-aligning driveline system provides smooth operation in all tongue positions, and the hydraulic suspension system allows the cutterbar to closely follow ground contours and pivot up and over hidden obstacles. The cutterbar features hex-shaped drive shafts and eight self-contained cutting units.

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Manure/Silage Forks
Five new manure/silage forks from Worksaver, Inc., are for skid steers and compact tractors equipped with front-end loaders. They can be used to move loose hay, manure, matted straw or other loose materials, making cleanup easy.

All models feature a strong reinforced design with forged, cranked tines for extended service life. Two models have an upper grapple for holding material and are supplied with hoses and connect-under-pressure flat-faced couplers. A range of widths and tine numbers are available, dependent on the model.

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Soil Pulverizer
The outer sections of Brillion’s Wing Float Pulverizer float independently from the center unit, allowing them to follow changing ground contour and produce more consistent results across its full width. It crushes clods and firms the seedbed, eliminating air pockets for optimum seed-to-soil contact. It also controls residue by flattening stalks, pressing down root balls and rocks and pinning plant material to the soil for faster decomposition. Working widths range from 22 to 36’.

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Round Baler
Requiring only 40 pto horsepower to operate, the Case IH RB455A round baler makes 4 x 5’ bales weighing up to 1,000 lbs. Features include factory- or field-installed mesh wrap, up to two pickup gauge wheels and a deluxe or basic monitoring system. Four-ball twine capacity and dual electric actuated twine arms are standard equipment.
Superior bale formation is achieved with five 7”-wide, chevron-pattern forming belts working with a single hydraulic cylinder and a tension spring.

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Compact Tractors
Kubota’s L3200 and L3800 compact tractors, available in two- and four-wheel drive, deliver 31.9 and 37.5 gross horsepower, respectively. They come with either a gear-drive or three-range HST hydrostatic transmission and a 10-gallon fuel tank. They feature modern, deluxe styling including a sloped metal hood and fenders for a sleek look and high visibility.

Equipped with a three-point hitch with large-capacity hydraulic pump, each tractor provides powerful lifting for a wide range of implements, including the company’s quick attach/detach front loader, backhoe, rotary tillers and rear snow blowers.

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