Sept. 30 is the deadline for buying forage crop insurance through the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (SURE), created by the 2008 Farm Bill as a permanent disaster-assistance program for farmers suffering losses from natural disasters.

Growers should know that an important requirement of SURE is the Risk Management Purchase Requirement, warns Paul Mitchell, University of Wisconsin ag economist. That means farmers must buy crop insurance for all their crops to be eligible for SURE payments. He provides a fact sheet summarizing key crop insurance deadlines, plus crop insurance options for forage crops and ways to possibly reduce insurance premiums while still qualifying for SURE.

Remember, to qualify for SURE, forage crops can be insured with APH, GRP or AGR-Lite. SURE doesn’t require crop insurance for grazing land or forage in its seeding year, and many farmers can insure their forage acres for less than $300 in total, Mitchell says.