Beef producers in Manitoba, coping with the after-effects of floods, will receive some welcome financial relief from provincial and federal ministers.

“We have worked very cooperatively together in the development of this program, and they have come forward quickly. It’s a comprehensive package that addresses all parts of the industry – cow-calf, feed shortage and the feedlot sector,” says Major Jay Fox, Manitoba Beef Producers president.

Unprecedented flood conditions have forced many area beef producers to evacuate. Many were also prevented from seeding and harvesting crops needed to feed their animals through the fall and winter.

“This announcement will allow our producers the ability to preserve their herds and sustain and rebuild their operations,” Fox says. The programs, which will be cost-shared 60-40 between the provincial and federal governments, include: $37.5 million to address forage shortfalls as the need becomes apparent; $23.5 million for forage restoration estimated at $50/acre; $5.2 million for feed transportation assistance; $2.5 million into a green-feed incentive program estimated at $15/acre and requiring arrangements between livestock producers and landowners; and $8 million to feedlots.

“Feedlots have not been overlooked," Fox points out. "It’s also important to note that all of these announcements fall under the AgriRecovery program, not Disaster Assistance." At this time only the Province has agreed to feedlot restoration.

For more on what Manitoba producers have been contending with, see " Flooding Forces Manitoba Cattle Evacuations."