A number of round and small square balers, as well as rakes, are in this year’s lineup of new forage-processing and handling machines to consider. For details on the following list of equipment, visit their Web sites or your local dealers.

Row-Independent Forage Harvester Head

The Orbis 900 row-independent, 30' corn, milo and forage sorghum forage harvester head boasts V-shaped crop flow to funnel crop to the center of the head, providing uniform feeding and excellent chop quality, according to Claas Of America. Large drums on the ends aid feeding and pull stalks away from uncut rows for less cob loss.
Visit www.claasofamerica.com.

Self-Propelled Forage Harvester, Heads

An 800-hp 7950 self-propelled forage harvester from John Deere replaces the 7850 model, offering increased harvesting capacity and productivity. It's available with the company's HarvestLab and AutoLoc technology and has a 19L Cummins engine. Also available: the 770 corn head, a 10-row unit with 30” spacing; and an improved 600c Series pickup head.
Visit www.johndeere.com.

Round Baler With Two Bale Sizes

The Hesston 2800 Series automated round baler by Massey Ferguson offers two baling sizes — 4 × 6' and 5 × 6' — and includes both auto-tie and optional Auto-Cycle to enhance output and efficiency. The baler's exclusive optional independent axle suspension system with an independent flotation axle and large flotation tires reduces machine wear and tear.
Visit www.agcocorp.com.

Variable-Chamber Round Balers

The VB 2160 and 2190 variable-chamber round balers, from Kuhn North America, are available with an open-throat intake design, an OptiFeed non-cutting rotor or a 14-knife Opticut integral rotor. The 2160 is a 4 × 5' baler; the 2190 produces 4 × 6' bales. Their well-designed pre-chambers ensure fast, consistent bale formation. The balers will be available in select geographical areas in 2010.
Visit www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

Durable Conditioning Rolls

The Circle C Generation 3 Super Conditioner is much hardier than past models. The rolls' cores are made of high-quality tubing and are balanced to within 1 mil, allowing them to run tightly together without vibration. The new, thicker rubber provides better durability without plugging or wrapping.
Visit www.superhay.net or call 800-367-1847.

High-Capacity Large Square Balers

The LSB 890 and 1290 large square balers from Kuhn North America make 3 × 3' and 3 × 4' bales, respectively. Each model features a cutting or non-cutting integral rotor that provides high-performance throughput in all crop conditions. The high-capacity balers are designed for quick, easy maintenance and will be available in select geographical areas in 2010.
Visit www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

Specialty Crop Round Baler

New Holland's BR7090 Roll-Belt Specialty Crop Configuration round baler features crop-specific technology that improves feeding and produces well-formed, tight 5 × 6' bales in cornstalks and hay and straw crops. Its five-bar XtraSweep 6.8' pickup is more durable when baling cornstalks and provides more consistent feeding in specialty and lighter crops compared to conventional four-bar pickups.
Visit www.newholland.com/na.

Large-Diameter Round Baler

Vermeer's “right-sized” Rancher 665 baler utilizes its M-Series baler technology and can produce high-density round bales up to 66” in diameter and 61” wide using tractors with a minimum of 60 hp. Its optional net-wrap system feeds net directly to the main belts, using a brake tension and friction feed system that maximizes the number of bales per roll of net.
Visit www.vermeerag.com.

Heavy-Duty Small Square Baler

Case IH introduces the SB541c, a small square baler with heavy-duty, hydraulically controlled side tension rails. The rails are bent to bias pressure toward the plunger bale-forming area. The heavier lower cross rail prevents bending at maximum pressure. The front set of hay wedges are cast iron for increased strength.
Visit www.caseih.com.

Small Square Baler Density Control

Small square baler owners can control bale density on the go with the Unstoppable Density Adjustor, an enhancement to the Airbaler system by Scott Seaver Co., LLC. The product includes a baler-mounted air compressor plus a switch mounted in the tractor cab, allowing the operator to adjust bale density without slowing. Using air pressure rather than springs or hydraulics ensures that tension applied to the bale chamber remains nearly constant.
Visit www.Airbaler.com or call 231-981-0031.

Improved Small Square Baler

A heavier-duty version of New Holland's 14 × 18” small square baler, the BC5070 Hayliner, produces dense, uniform-length bales. Compared to the standard model, the Hayliner's bale case is 12” longer and 20% thicker for better bale shape and greater unit strength and durability. Wheels and tires are larger; its higher-capacity eight-ball twine box is 35% bigger. Hydraulically controlled side tension rails apply consistent pressure.
Visit www.newholland.com/na.

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Simplified Bale Handling

The Steffen Systems Model SS1000 Bale Sleever takes groups of compressed or standard bales and loads them into poly sleeves. The bulk packages can easily be mechanically handled, retain the characteristics of the small bales inside and simplify shipping. A pto drive or 30-hp electric motor power the unit.
Visit www.steffensystems.com or call 888-783-3336.

Consistent Round, Square Bale Wrappers

Kuhn North America introduces its RW and SW bale wrappers. The RW model handles round bales up to 4 × 5'; SW units can wrap square bales up to 3 × 4' or round bales up to 5 × 5'. Machines are available as trailed or three-point mounted, depending on the model, and can be manually or computer-controlled. They rotate bales evenly for exact film overlap and consistent, tightly wrapped bales. A low table height eliminates the need for an active fall damper.
Visit www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

Land Roller Aids Faster Field Work

Available in 17-70' widths, the Ag Shield Mfg. Land Roller works for small or large operations. All sizes transport narrow — to about 12.5' — to simplify moving. The unit punches rocks flush with the surface; flattens small bumps for higher field speeds; and eliminates rock damage to cutters, crimping rolls and baler knives. Its optional leveling attachment shaves mole hills and other animal mounds and packs loose soil in one pass.
Visit www.agshield.com or call 800-561-0132.

Sicklebar Mower With Longer Cutterbar

Frontier Equipment's SB3108 sicklebar mower's longer cutterbar increases mowing capacity with a 92” cutting swath. Its cutting arm ensures a ground-level cut by flexing from 75 to 90°. Cutting height is easily set with adjustable skid shoes on the cutterbar. The pto-powered sicklebar is belt-driven with a manual tension adjustment and the bolt-on cutterbar knives can be individually removed and replaced quickly in the field.
Visit www.johndeere.com.

Triple Disc Mower With Roller Conditioner

The Claas 27'3” Disco 8400RC triple disc mower with roller conditioner uses two rubber rolls in a chevron design to crimp the crop for faster drydown. The bottom roll is driven, which then drives the top roll via the intermeshing design, eliminating gearboxes and drive shafts. The rolls are spring-loaded with adjustable gap and pressure.
Visit www.claasofamerica.com.

Precision Bale Monitoring System

The Agco HayBoss G2, a modular precision hay monitoring system, monitors moisture content of individual bales, providing detailed information about the date, time, location and field conditions at baling. With the HayBoss G2 Tagger and the Bale Tag Scanner (pictured), it provides a complete hay monitoring system.
Visit www.agcocorp.com.

In-Cab Controls For Forage Boxes

An all-hydraulic in-cab control system, from Meyer Mfg. Co., is available on the company's front-unload forage boxes. Designed for operators who shuttle open-top loads to and from the field without unhooking, it adds speed, safety and convenience. Also handy in making feed deliveries, it's available in truck- or trailer-mount versions. The system utilizes one hydraulic motor mounted to the cross conveyor and one mounted to the auger/apron drive.
Visit www.meyermfg.com or call 800-325-9103.

Center-Delivery Rake

With a 49'2” working width, the Claas Liner 4000 center-delivery four-basket rake folds with the touch of a button to a 12' transportation height so no tine arms need to be removed. Its innovative folding, a simple-to-use monitor and heavy-duty rotors make it a heavy-duty rake built for efficiency. The internal rotors run in an oil bath and have three bearing supports for the heavy-duty arms.
Visit www.claasofamerica.com.

Heavy-Duty Wheel Rake

The H5980 heavy-duty wheel rake from New Holland rakes as fast as 15 mph and has eight 60” raking wheels on its left side and nine on the right, raking up to 30'3” wide. Its offset design turns all the crop, ensuring uniform crop drydown. Because there's no need for a center kicker wheel, the operator can drive faster.
Visit www.newholland.com/na.

Large-Capacity Tedder

The main features of the Taarup 81140 C tedder from Kverneland include its 10 rotors, a carrier frame and a 43.6' working width. To clean along fence lines and field borders, the outer two rotors can be hydraulically moved into an angled position toward the inside of the field. Other features include strong tines and a large coil diameter, seven tine arms per rotor for increased capacity and a strong square-tube profile main frame.
Visit www.kvernelandgroup.com.

High-Clearance Wheel Rake

The VR-Series carted wheel rake from Vermeer features a clean, balanced, high-clearance frame and toolbar for high-volume raking. It's available in 8- and 10-wheel sizes with maximum raking widths of 20' and 22'7”, respectively. Quick “wrench-free” adjustments make it easy to change rake and windrow widths.
Visit www.vermeerag.com.

Quick-Adjusting Wheel Rake, Mergers

The Case IH WR401 HD wheel rake features quick, easy adjustments that can be made without removing or adding components. The 17-wheel rake has a working width of 30'3”.

The CM212 and CM209 hydraulic-tongue mergers allow operators to increase crop volume in the windrow for high-capacity forage harvesters. The mergers can combine two to three windrows from 9' and 18' cuts. Pickup widths are 12' for the CM212 and 9' for the CM209.
Visit www.caseih.com.

Double-Rotor Side-Delivery Rake

The Kverneland Taarup 9669 S double-rotor side-delivery rake is available in two models. The Evo model makes one swath to the side, raking up to 22.6' into one swath. The Vario model makes two single swaths leading to a working width of 25'. A swath board for the front rotor comes standard with the machine.
Visit www.kvernelandgroup.com.